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For over 30 years in the bulk materials handling industry, Kinder Australia has developed over time an excellent reputation and proven history of providing a comprehensive range of beyond expectation, reliable and compliant conveyor componentry and material flow solutions. Kinder Australia is a leading conveyor rollers, conveyor idlers, bulk materials handling and conveyor systems provider in Perth, WA and across all Australia.

Across Western Australia particularly, Kinder Australia offers a range of solutions to overcome the challenges faced by Mining, Bulk, Timber belt conveyor and bulk materials handling operations. Whether its material spillage, dust emissions, belt misalignment and belt edge sag Kinder Australia is focussed on resolving and advancing our customers end-to-end handling processes by making our customers operations cleaner, safer, more productive and importantly more profitable.

To date Kinder Australia can demonstrate the strength of our customer base in Western Australia spanning Perth, Albany, Port Hedland, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie, and across a diverse range of industries with a key focus on the mining and minerals sector. Our Product range covers the following:

  • K-Impact Belt Support
  • Designed and engineered by Kinder Australia, K-Impact Belt Support can dramatically improve material containment at high impact conveyor transfer points. Each cradle is custom engineered to suit a variety of heavy material applications. The rigid cradle provides extra support under the moving conveyor belt, stabilising the load at the transfer point. The skirting and seals can then work more effectively, preventing belt edge sag and spillage which creates unnecessary maintenance and labour costs.

  • K-Snap-Loc® Dust Seal System
  • High performance engineered polyurethane solution for practical and cost effective improvement for dust control problems, suitable for all conveyor belt speed applications and can withstand high abrasive and high temperature applications.

  • K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining System
  • Stronger and more elastic version than all other outwardly similar polyurethane products. It is based on a patented chemical formula, with a modified molecular structure to alternative polyurethane materials.

  • K-Speedskirt® Hardskirt Plates
  • Highest Durability Composite Hardskirt Plates (Tungsten Carbide / Silicon Carbide / Chrome Carbide). Ceramic and composite hardskirts with differentiated wear and impact resistance on the face and edges (bevels). High-tech materials and assembly techniques ensure best durability, flow performance and belt safety. The edges (bevels) have a very low wear rate, so the most important part of the hard skirt can retain its profile longer

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